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How Can You Use Commission Provided by Vending Machine Operators

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

One of the biggest benefits of opting for vending machines is the consolidation of commission from all your properties. Instead of receiving a few bucks from here and there, receiving one commission cheque for each quarter for all your vending machines allows you to have a better picture of the revenue these machines are generating for you.

This revenue also gives you an opportunity to create a better impact. For instance, your company operates 50 locations, each having vending machines on the site, and the commission goes to the properties. In such case, revenue for one property will be $10, for another $50, and $100 for any other property. As a result, there will not be much impact created by this revenue. However, by collecting this commission in aggregate, you can do a lot.

Now the question is what you can do with the cash you get as commission. Getting $10k is nice but how can you spend it in the best possible manner? Here are four ways you can use the revenue that you have received from vending machine operators.


Business owners often donate money to charity. So you can make great use of the amount you have received as a vending commission by donating it to the charity. Apart from supporting a good cause, this offers you numerous other benefits. When your customers observe that you fulfill social responsibility, they find you much more trustworthy. As a result, they will want to do business with you. Being involved in charity will allow you to create a positive public impact. Furthermore, you will gain loyal customers who will come back to you.

Spend it on employees

Showing employees that you care for them, increases their engagement as a result your business becomes more productive. You can appreciate your employees using the vending machines commission. You can plan retreat parties, dinners, or lunches throughout the year. It will help you ensure a happier workforce.

Customer appreciation

In this highly competitive time, providing great service is not enough. To make your customers loyal, you need to make them feel special. Just like employee appreciation, showing how much you care for your customers in different ways helps to keep them engaged. Furthermore, when you appreciate them, they are likely to recommend your company to others.

Invest in your company

Innovative companies become market leaders with time. However, it takes a lot of resources to be innovative. And all resources require money. So the cash generated with vending machines can be utilized for developing a new product or service.

To sum up

Vending machines are everywhere these days. They provide easy access to snacks you want at your location. They are affordable, easy to install and generate cash for you. We hope that you find the above information helpful but if you still have any doubts, feel free to get in touch with the experts now.

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