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Fresh Food Vending Machines

Across the globe, people are generally becoming more health-conscious and are actively looking for food and drink options in the workplace. MeFit Vending provides vending machines for workplaces in San Jose with organic food options. These soda and coffee vending machines in San Jose keep the food fresh, replenish before products run out, and accept card payments too.

Employees no longer need to venture out of their workplace to find fresh food vending machines. The easy location of these healthy food vending machines in San Jose makes lunch hour a breeze, especially when you’re in a pinch for time. Fresh healthy vending machines now provide food that you won’t regret later, at a reasonable price at unbeatable locations. You won’t even need to leave your work building to find quality food at honest prices.


MeFit Vending provides San Jose vending machines with nutritious, wholesome foods that promote a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. These vending machines exhibit an improved selection over that of the stereotypical vending machine and are serviced regularly to ensure that no meal selections are out of stock.

Healthy Green Smoothies

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Change is coming

The Good News

State of the Art Modern Vending Machines in San Jose, CA

Change is coming

The Good News

Refreshing Change to Vending Machines in San Jose

MeFit Vending will provide healthy vending in San Jose, and your employees and customers who are aware of their food decisions will be thankful. Fresh food vending machines allow anyone with certain dietary restrictions to more easily find a meal that is suitable for their condition, while not having to venture far from their desk.


Healthy food vending machines give every employee the opportunity to make the most of lunch hour without sacrificing their time for an above-average meal.

Fresh food vending machines are stocked regularly with delicious, healthy snacks, drinks, and meals that even the pickiest eater will love.


These modern, fresh, healthy vending machines eliminate the long trek out when you’re pressed for time or are running late. They are clean, and dependable, and have unmatched customer service through the use of daily remote monitoring to ensure that options are always stocked.

Fresh And Healthy Vending in San Jose

Healthy vending in San Jose has been revolutionized as more and more quality food and beverage options are being made available.


Fresh food vending machines make eating healthy both easier and more convenient.

Easy Payment Options

We make it easy to purchase foods and drinks with our vending machines. You can use your mobile phone to make payments using Apple Pay or Google Wallet as well as other options. We also offer a Credit/debit card reader in addition to taking cash and coins.

Providing MeFit vending machines within your business or respective building makes it easier for employees or patrons to make healthier food choices. Fresh food vending machines are an investment in your employees that is sure to benefit the overall health of your office down the road.


If you are interested in updating your food choices at work, contact MeFit Vending at 408-673-7442, or visit

We offer free consultations and product tastings to clients in the greater San Jose area.

We offer a 60-day free trial with no strings attached. If you are interested in receiving more information feel free to contact us below!

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