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Why Choose Healthy Snack Vending Machine Options by MeFit?

Many companies have implemented healthy snack vending machines in San Jose, CA, or are in the process of implementing Corporate Wellness Programs to help lower rising healthcare costs and promote a healthier, more productive workforce.


Eating a healthy, balanced diet has many benefits for the overall health of your employees, including increased energy and work productivity and even fewer sick days. A healthy diet can also help to prevent health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes. 

Some of the benefits of having our healthy snack machine options in San Jose, CA workplace include:

Increased productivity and promoting workplace wellness.

Have you heard of the saying, “A healthy worker is a happy worker”? The health and wellness of your staff can impact the success of your business through improved productivity and reduced absenteeism. Installing our healthy snack machine options in San Jose workplace is an inexpensive way to encourage healthier eating. Having access to healthy foods from our vending machines allows your employees to stay in instead of going out to eat at a fast-food restaurant.

Your Employees & Customers Want Healthy Options

In a recent study, nearly all respondents reported that they are trying to improve at least one aspect of their eating habits. This same study stated that the “healthfulness” of a product greatly impacted (by 61%) a respondent’s decision to purchase it.


We Offer a Variety of Healthy Choices

With over 500+ healthy drinks, snacks and meal products to choose from, your employees or customers could soon be enjoying delicious items that can be organic, low calorie, low fat, kosher, low carb, and gluten-free. Our fresh food vending machines offer the same products you can find on the shelves of your local health food grocers such as Whole Foods, Trader Jose, etc.

 We believe it is important to provide a good variety of healthy products in order to satisfy everyone by using healthy snack machine options in San Jose. We will initially fill the machine with the most popular healthy products selling in our area. Later, we will meet with you to discuss changes to the selections and your suggestions – and may offer some free product sampling events as well.


Low Calorie

Low Fat


Low Carb

Gluten Free


Customized Services Provided By MeFit

MeFit Vending fits the needs of employees, customers, and companies. Choose the healthy snack vending machine options in San Jose, CA that everyone will love. There are a limited number of healthy vending machines available in the San Jose area. Contact us today to receive your machine on a 60-day free trial basis! There is no cost to your company.

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