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  • How do I get healthy snacks at my location?
    You can contact us via email or phone - see Contact Us. Once your site is approved we will place a MeFit smart machine at your location and we will vend healthy snacks along with classic selections that you are familiar with.
  • What are some of the features of the machine?
    Our machines offer: - Mobile phone payments using Apple Pay or Google Wallet and other options - Credit/debit card reader in addition to taking cash and coins - Daily remote monitoring so we know if a product selection is running low - Energy-saving mode can be used so no power is wasted keeping drinks cold overnight if no employees are working - Ability to program machine to provide employee discounts (e.g. to reward employees working on weekends) -SmartCard technology – we can upload/change machine settings quickly -Capability to add Entrée/Side Dish Vendor to machine for healthy meal options -Machines are compliant with the 2012 American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for vending machines -Machines are proudly made in the USA -Special Tokens to reward employees on meeting fitness goals
  • Does our company have to pay for the machine?
    Not a dime to qualified locations. Machines are provided at absolutely NO cost to your business. In fact, not only do we provide the machine, we service and stock it on a regular basis. Your company may even be eligible for a commission from the profits generated each month.
  • Who Stocks the machine?
    We do. We will monitor, stock and service the machine as often is necessary. Each of our operators are well trained to ensure that the quality of service provided is far superior to anything you may have experienced before with other machines. We are local residents of your community and are therefore eager to share our commitment to offering healthy products to your employees/customers.
  • Can our company choose the products that go in the machine?
    Yes – your company can be instrumental in the products that are offered. We believe it is important to provide a good variety of healthy products in order to satisfy everyone. We will initially fill the machine with the most popular healthy products selling in our area. Later, we will meet with you to discuss changes to the selections and your suggestions – and may offer some free product sampling events as well.
  • How often is the machine stocked?
    Typically, about once a week. Each machine is equipped with wireless remote monitoring technology so we know if a product selection is running low. If it is determined that it needs to be serviced more often than once each week, we can set up a more frequent service schedule.
  • Can our company get a commission on the products that are sold?
    Your company may be eligible to receive commissions from the profits generated by the machine each month. Please talk with us about this option.
  • What training have you received?
    We have gone through extensive training in several areas – including the operation and maintenance of the machine, nutritional guidelines, product management, inventory control, product sampling, etc. But the main thing is customer service – we are here to serve you and the patrons of the machine. We will provide you with a business card and a label on the machine with our local contact information should you ever need it.
  • How many machines can you provide to our business - more than one?
    This depends on several factors. First we need to evaluate the volume of foot traffic on a daily basis. Next, we need to consider if there is competition from other vending machines located in your business if you have any. If these two factors confirm there’s enough demand for an additional machine, we will be happy to supply one to your business. Some locations such as large schools, businesses, colleges, etc. may have enough demand for multiple machines.
  • What types of healthy products will be stocked in the machines?
    The healthy products we provide are all national name brand items. These are the same products you can find on the shelves of your local health food grocers such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc. Many of these healthier products are now going mainstream and can be found on the shelves of traditional grocery stores and even convenience stores. Not only do the products we offer provide healthier alternatives, but they also taste great and people really love eating them!
  • If we have a contract with another vendor, can we still receive a healthy vending machine?"
    This depends on the specific contract. Many contracts are exclusive only to “traditional” vending products (e.g. Snickers, Coke, etc.). Therefore, this doesn’t cause an issue as we can create menu plans of non-competing items to those in a different machine. The reality is that many vending companies claim they can provide healthier options, but very few do.
  • Do we have to sign an agreement?
    We ask that you sign a basic agreement that outlines the relationship between your location and us – just so everyone is comfortable. This contract has no time commitment. It basically states that we will be responsible for keeping the machine stocked and maintained. If there is a specific need for a more comprehensive agreement, we do offer alternatives.
  • Does your company sell, lease or rent just machines?"
    Currently we do not sell, lease or rent our machines due to the complexity of the technology that is built into these machines.
  • Are these machines Covid safe?
    Yes, our machines are Covid safe. Unlike the refrigerator models of vending machines no one can open the door and accidently sneeze or touch food products inside.
Machine Specifications

There are two units, main unit and an optional unit. 

Dimensions of the main unit are:

Height                      72"

Width                       39"

Depth                      37"

   Weight                    720lbs

Selections Snacks     20 

Drinks                          16


            Voltage      110-120VAC, 60Hz - 4.4A

Dimensions of the optional Entree Unit:

  Width        16"

Selections  16

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