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What Are the Best Places to Install Vending Machines?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

It is common to find questions concerning the profitability of the industry of vending machines. However, another major consideration to make when installing vending machines is the location to place them.

The owners of vending machine enterprises have repeatedly shown themselves to be quite successful. The industry of vending machines is often considered to be one of the best industries to be a part of because of the low cost and reduced risk.

As you choose to own a vending machine, the placement of your vending machines is going to be a critical element in determining whether their functions are being properly utilized or not. Similarly, the location where the machines are placed will determine whether your business is going to be successful or not.

While, technically any vending machines can be installed anywhere; however, they won't make the kind of money you'd like them to.

Since the purpose of vending machines is to serve people, the most appropriate place to install them is in a busy area. Or, it could be said that vending machines ought to be put in a place where lots of people go. There must be a lot of traffic there. If there is a place with high traffic, then the chances of profitability increase significantly.

If you are planning to sell beverages, then it would be a fantastic idea to set up the vending machine outside because consumers are going to need to stay hydrated when they are outside. If you opt to put it indoors, be sure it is in a spot that is simple for others to get to. Moreover, if these areas are likely to receive traffic, then lobbies and points of entry and exit are going to be ideal sites.

The following are some of the great places to install vending machines:


The greatest locations for vending machines are offices. Office vending machines are going to be a great option as workers frequently opt for quick snacks during the office break. Vending machines are going to be an ideal choice because workers won’t need to leave the office during working hours.

Along with wholesome meal selections, you may also give employees access to snacks and beverages.


Vending machines are a terrific method for doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees to grab a snack on the move without taking up a lot of their valuable time.

Amusement parks

It is common for people to need refreshments as they visit amusement parks. They can find a wide range of products at reasonable pricing from vending machines.

These are some of the best locations to place office vending machines. Choose an ideal vending machine and place them correctly for the best results possible.

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