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The Shift from Traditional to Healthy Vending Machines

Obesity is a growing epidemic in America, especially among young children. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 14 million children in the US are overweight. The US Department of Health and Human Services found that the rate of obesity is 13.9% in children aged two to five years old, 18.4% in children between six to eleven years, and 20.6% in children who are between twelve to nineteen years old.

Childhood obesity is commonly caused due to genetic factors, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and bad eating habits. Many children go to school, where they get into the practice of consuming unhealthy foods that contain saturated fats and contribute to weight gain.

Today, we’ll discuss how traditional vending machines have played a role in the obesity epidemic and why it's necessary to shift to healthy vending machines.

Harmful Effects of Traditional Vending Machines

Traditional vending machines in schools, colleges, and universities used to stock up on unhealthy items that were popular among young children and teenagers, such as sugary drinks, processed meals, carbonated beverages and fast foods. These unhealthy snacks were easy to eat, accessible, cheap, and provided instant bursts of energy due to their high carbohydrate and sugar content.

However, these food items are extremely dangerous for children. They can lead to excess weight, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance.

Moreover, obesity in children is further linked to psychological disorders such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, and low confidence. These physical and mental issues decrease the overall quality of life in children and adults.

The Implementation of Federal Law

In 2014, a federal law was introduced that applied certain standards to food items served in vending machines and ensured all items have their nutritional information stated clearly on the packaging so consumers could make an informed decision.

A study conducted by the New York Times encompassing 6,300 students from over 40 states in the US found that children living in states with laws against the consumption of unhealthy food and drinks gained less weight compared to those who lived in states where there were no such laws.

These findings emphasize the need for and the importance of healthy vending machines which provide nutrient-rich food options. At MeFit Vending, we provide eco-friendly food vending machines to schools and companies in San Jose.

Our smart vending machines have healthy perishables and snacks such as sandwiches, falafel bowls, eggs, salads, bottled water, noodles, burritos, tacos, and bagels. Get in touch with us for a 60-day free trial today.

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