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Managing the Vending Machine at Work

Having a modern office vending machine in your workplace can be very convenient for employees. But it also comes with some responsibility to keep it well-stocked and operating properly. As the person put in charge of this, how do you make sure the vending machine runs smoothly?

Partner with a Reliable Vending Company

First, you'll want to partner with a reliable vending service company. They will install the machine and supply you with a wide variety of snacks, drinks, and other food items to keep it stocked. A good vending company will work with you to customize the product selection to match what your employees actually want to purchase.

Monitor Inventory and Sales

You'll need to monitor inventory levels and sales frequently. The vending company can provide you with detailed reports on what products are selling well and what isn't moving. Use these reports to adjust your product mix - you don't want to be stuck with a bunch of unpopular or expired items. Lean towards stocking more healthy snack vending options like nutrition bars, nuts, and baked chips.

Keep it Clean and Well-Maintained

It's also your job to ensure the vending machine is clean and functioning properly. Do regular checks for debris, spills, or jams. The vending company should handle any repairs or maintenance that is needed. Develop a routine for cleaning the machine, the area around it, and emptying out any change or cash boxes.

Handling Cash Payments

If employees will be paying cash, make sure you have a good process for collecting, securing, and depositing that money. You may want to invest in a cash counter to make this job easier. Alternatively, lots of modern office vending machines now accept credit/debit cards or mobile payments to reduce the hassle of dealing with cash.

Market and Promote

Promoting and marketing the vending machine is part of keeping it successful too. Send out periodic messages to employees about new products arriving or remind them of the healthy snacking options available. You could even run special promotions or discounts on certain items at times.

Get Employee Feedback

Most importantly, get feedback from employees on the vending service. Are they satisfied with the product selection? The pricing? The machine's performance? This insight will allow you to improve and make adjustments as needed. A suggestion box near the vending area could help collect employee input.

At the end of the day, managing your workplace vending machine is about customer service for the employees who will be using it. Keep it fresh, clean, and stocked with the convenient snacks and drinks they want. It's a nice perk that will keep your staff happy!

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