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Ideal Locations for Installing Vending Machines

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Need suggestions for where to put a vending machine if you wish to own one? Well, then we are going to discuss some of the best places where you can install your vending machine and enjoy significant gains. The location of vending machine installation has a crucial role to play in determining the profitability of the owner.

It is common to find vending machines in places that are publicly accessible. They are available at places street corners or malls. While these locations might not seem significant, they still play a vital role in enhancing the efficiency of the vending machine. And the location is also going to have an impact on how much money can be generated from the business. The following are some of the ideal locations for installing a vending machine if you are planning to get one:

Apartment complexes

It is common to find pools and clubhouses at apartment complexes. Vending machines would be ideal in these public locations because everyone can easily access them at such places. It is important to remember that the machine’s sales must be sufficient to support service at the location where it is installed. The majority of owners would like to ensure that the machine is installed at a place where the highest traffic can be acquired.


Any office having more than 40 employees can be an ideal location for office vending machines, regardless of the type of business. For a higher number of employees, offices can also install snack machines. When installing a snack machine, the majority of suppliers prefer to make sure that there are more than 75 employees because snack revenue is often smaller than soda sales.

Production facilities

Vending machine services work best in places where a larger number of people are present on a daily basis. The majority of employees prefer to have access to a short snack or cold drink during the workday to maintain their energy. Production facilities are popular locations for installing vending services because of the constant flow of customers.


Hotels are typically one of the most ideal locations for vending machine installations. Given that hotel visitors frequently lack convenient access to alternative sources of snacks and beverage service, installing vending machines at hotels can turn out to be profitable. While it is common to find pantries and mini markets for hotels, vending machines can still be installed on any floor of hotels for engagement.

Retail stores

Due to the fact that the majority of retail workers are part-timers, they sometimes only receive a few brief breaks rather than a lengthy lunch break. The best option in this situation is a vending machine. Without having to spend a lot of time traveling elsewhere, employees can quickly find something to eat nearby. Not only this but customers can also access the machine.

These are some of the ideal locations for office vending machines. Installing vending machines carefully in a high-traffic area can be incredibly beneficial for owners.

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