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How To Know If You Have Chosen the Ideal Location for Vending Machine Installation

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A popular question that almost everyone asks before installing a vending machine is what is the ideal location to set up a vending machine, or where should I install my vending machine to get maximum profits? While it can be challenging to find the ideal location to install vending machines near you, there are a few ways to help you determine the best location for a food vending machine.

You can start by doing your research for the great local prospects for food vending machine installation. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find local businesses with enhanced footfall. Also, consider the duration a business has been in the industry. The longer they are in business, the larger their customer base will be. See if they have a workforce of at least 100-200+ employees in the area.

Once you have identified such well-established businesses in your locality, you can start contacting them and visiting each of them one by one. You can discuss the terms or plan of installing a food vending machine on their premise with the manager or the owner. Here are a few potential examples of locations where installing a food vending machine would be lucrative:

Apartment communities

Today, most apartment communities have a pool or a clubhouse. These common areas serve as the perfect location to install a food vending machine where all community members can access its contents. Just make sure the sales on the vending machine are adequate to maintain the service charge of the vending machine at the property.


As per a recent survey, hotels are the most lucrative location to install a food vending machine. Owing to the nature and various other aspects of the hotel make it the perfect place to attract customers regularly who will be interested in using vending machine services. Guests don’t often have access to other food options when they need a quick snack or something fresh and healthy. Installing a food vending machine will provide easy access for guests to affordable drinks and fresh food.

Manufacturing facilities

Any location that receives a footfall of dozens of people on daily basis is a suitable location for vending machine service. Most working at manufacturing facilities can use a quick snack or a cool beverage throughout the day without having to take longer breaks for going out to eat whenever they are hungry.

Retail stores

Many retail workers are part-time employees who do not have enough time for long breaks to enjoy a meal. Having food vending machines near them will enable them to make the most out of their short breaks. It gives them easy access to food and beverage service without having to waste their time to get something to eat from outside. Another significant benefit is serviceable customers, who will help increase revenue by buying food and beverages from the vending machine.

Final Words

Location is one of the significant factors when you are considering hiring vending machine services from any operator in the city. Vending machines near you need to be placed in locations where a maximum number of people will see and use them. Only then you will be able to generate profits from vending machine installation.

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