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3 Low-Carb Snacks Present in Healthy Vending Machines

A low-carb diet means avoiding foods that contain high quantities of carbohydrates, such as sugary drinks or desserts, bread, pasta, and cakes. People who follow a low-carb meal plan include more protein-rich foods and vegetables in their daily diet.

Studies have shown that low-carb diets help improve health and aid in weight loss. Here are some low-carb snacks that should be present in healthy vending machines.


Nuts are perfect for people eating low-carb meals. They contain fewer carbohydrates and more nutrients. Nuts such as peanuts and almonds are packed full of minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats. The addition of nuts to a low-carb meal plan helps boost heart health, aids weight loss and controls blood sugar levels. Nuts are also a versatile food item, so you can add them to different foods and snacks to make delicious and tasty meals.

Fresh Salads

Eating salads from a fresh food vending machine is ideal for a low-carb diet. Salads contain fresh vegetables and fruits, which are healthier for the body. There are a wide variety of salads available in healthy vending machines, which means people on a low-carb diet have many options they can choose from.

Some salads also contain protein which is beneficial for people on low-carb diets. For example, a Caesar salad contains small chunks of chicken, making it a complete and nutrient-rich meal that you can eat during your lunch break.

However, while selecting salads in a vending machine, you need to be careful and avoid those containing commercial dressings as they have large quantities of carbs. For instance, just two tablespoons or 30 ml of French dressing on a salad can add up to 10 grams of carbs to your meal.

Protein Bars

People who follow the keto or ketogenic diet can vouch for protein bars as they are very low in carbs and healthy for the body. They are a quick and convenient meal that you can grab from a healthy vending machine and eat on the go.

Protein bars are filling and have high amounts of healthy fat. They help with decreasing excess weight and will keep your body in good shape.

If you want to install a healthy vending machine in your university, school, or office in San Jose for employees who follow a low-carb diet, contact MeFit Vending. We provide a free 60-day trial to all companies in San Jose. Our fresh food vending machines are stocked with healthy alternatives such as smoothies, salads, and more. Contact us today to get a smart vending machine and promote healthy eating among workers and students.

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