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Saying No to Soda Vending? Learn How Much Soda Is Too Much Soda

Getting a soda can or bottle seems like a quick option to grab and gulp when you want something to drink. Unlike coffee, tea, and other beverages that require careful preparation to achieve desired taste, all you need is to pick up the bottle and quench your thirst for something that is not plain water. With every new research publishing that soda and sugary drinks can lead to obesity and other health issues, you might start wondering - should I get a soda vending machine for my office or not?

To be honest, there is no reason to not get a soda vending machine for your commercial place. It’s because people like having soda and they are going to have it. If you don’t have a soda vending machine in your place, it will only encourage people to go out and find a shop to buy soda. Now, this urge to go outside every time a person wants to have soda only leads to the wastage of time that can affect their productivity directly or indirectly.

So, instead of wondering whether or not you should have a soda vending machine, you should focus on making your people aware of how much soda is too much soda.

How Much Soda Is Considered Safe to Drink?

To understand this, you need to dig a little deeper. According to Gary Wenk, Director of Neuroscience Undergraduate Programs at the Ohio State University, it’s all about soda composition. A soda drink is meticulously engineered with just the right amount of sweetener, caffeine, and carbonation. The amount of each ingredient is such that it entices us to continuously want to grab and gulp.

For instance, a 12-ounce of Coca-Cola contains about 39 grams of sugar - which means about 10 teaspoons of sugar. This is certainly more than any person should consume in an entire day. However, the rush we feel after having a bottle is said to activate the reward system of our brain and trigger the release of dopamine. Apart from excess sugar, caffeine and carbonation also play a significant role in stimulating our cravings for soda.

However, all of this doesn’t mean we must stop taking soda. It’s just that we need to limit our soda intake. So, if a person has soda occasionally, it is perfectly fine and there is nothing to worry about it. However, having several cans or bottles of soda every day puts people at risk of obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes. Even diet soda that has artificial sweeteners and no real sugar carries the same risks.

So, when it comes to health, one should not have more than one soda per day. If possible, it is best to have it on alternate days or less frequently. If you are having more than one soda every day, then yes it is too much.

This brings us to another question - are soda vending machines worth it? Yes, a soda vending machine is worth it because even if it is unsafe to have several cans of soda in a single day, your people will appreciate your gesture of having a soda vending machine to satiate their regular and occasional cravings for soda.

In case you are still worried for your people and want to give them healthier choices, MeFit Vending can also help you facilitate healthier options of food and drink. So, soda or not soda - a vending machine is a great way to help your people energize to get through the day.

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