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Increasing the Appeal of Healthy Vending Machines for Gen Z

Gen Z was born in the age of technology; they’re comfortable using mobile phones, integrating social media seamlessly into their lives, and using streaming platforms for entertainment.

The generation of people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s is called Gen Z. They have selective tastes and seem to look at the world differently. Here are some ways we can enhance their interest in healthy vending machines.

Healthy Vending Machines Need to Use Modern Technology

Gen Z is comfortable with technology; they consume it daily and await the arrival of innovations with eagerness and excitement.

If businesses providing vending machines in schools and universities hope to attract the attention of Gen Z, they need to install smart vending machines that are modern and work efficiently.

For example, Gen Z is more eco-conscious than the previous generations due to increased awareness and conversations about the environmental impacts of human activities. Hence, a vending machine company that caters to places frequented by Gen Z needs to ensure their devices are eco-friendly, consume less power, and save resources.

Moreover, Gen Z has been using technological inventions since their early childhood and teenage years. Surveys show that 45% of Gen Z children are given their first cell phone when they’re just 10 to 12 years old.

Gen Z is considered the forerunners in the digital payment revolution. While some still use cash at certain places, the majority prefer to pay using digital means. Thus, to encourage Gen Z to use healthy vending machines, the devices need to have mobile payment options and come equipped with credit card readers, so they’re easier and more convenient to use.

Healthy Vending Machines Need to Stock Favorable Items

Healthy vending machines need to stock food and beverage items that are favorable and attractive to Gen Z, so they use them actively in their daily routine.

Research has shown that Gen Z prefers drinks that give quick boosts of energy, so vending machines should stock coffee, sodas, protein shakes, energy drinks, smoothies, and more. This is especially beneficial for vending machines that are located in student housing facilities where students are often in a rush to get to classes and need quick, energy-providing drinks.

If you’re looking to install healthy vending machines in your academic institution in San Jose, contact MeFit Vending. We provide smart and eco-friendly vending machines with power-saving modes and multiple payment options. Contact us today to get healthy snacking options at your school or work in San Jose.

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