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How to Run a Profitable Vending Machine Business

Do you want to start your own small business? A vending machine business can be a great way to earn money by selling snacks and drinks to people. It doesn't require too much money to get started. And if you do it right, a vending machine business can make very good profits.

Getting Vending Machines

The first step is getting some vending machines. You can buy used machines for a few hundred dollars each from companies going out of business or operators who are upgrading. Used machines from 5-10 years ago can still work great.

Or you can get new vending machines for $3,000 to $5,000 per machine. New machines look nicer and have more modern features. But it's much cheaper to start with used vending machines when you are first getting started.

Finding Great Locations

Next, you need to find good locations to place your vending machines. The best locations have a lot of people traffic every day, like office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, apartment complexes and public venues.

You have to get permission from the owner or building manager at each location. They will likely want a percentage of the sales, such as 10-25%. But it's worth it to get into a lucrative location.

Stocking Product

Then you stock the vending machines with products to sell. Popular products are sodas, bottled water, candy, chips, cookies, granola bars, protein bars and pre-made sandwiches. Try to offer some healthy snacks along with unhealthy treats so you appeal to all types of customers.

Vending machines that sell higher-priced items like sandwiches, hot drinks, and frozen meals can earn more revenue. But they also cost more upfront since you need refrigerated or heated vending machines.

Sourcing Supplies

For supplies, you can buy snacks and drinks at grocery stores when you are first starting out. Look for discounts and stock up on sale items. As your vending business grows, you'll want to find vending machine product companies that give you discounted bulk pricing. You can find vending machine services in San Jose and other cities.

Key Success Factors

A key factor for success is great machine locations. You have to find the high-traffic spots where tons of people will see and use your vending machines every day. Bad locations with low foot traffic will lose you money.

Another important factor is keeping your vending machines well-stocked and cleaned. Successful operators restock their machines multiple times per week so they never run out of products. They also keep the windows, coin slots and exteriors clean and attractive.

You also need systems for collecting cash from machines, tracking inventory, and scheduling restocks. Many operators use vending machine management software.

Earning Potential

It takes consistent work, but a vending machine business can be lucrative. Most snack/drink machines can earn $200 to $700 per month in sales after expenses for supplies and restocking. If you run 10 to 20 vending machines, that can bring in $2,000 to $10,000 per month in revenue.

With smart planning, finding great locations, and keeping your machines maintained, a vending machine business can generate great profits. It's relatively low cost to start, is a cash-based business, and you can grow as big as you want. Why not look into vending machine services in your local area? Connect with MeFit Vending for the best and most affordable vending machine services in San Jose.

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