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Are Healthy Vending Snacks a Thing?

Vending machines and healthy food typically go together like light bulbs and bread—which is to say that it seems like there’s no relation. Large corporations, like Coca Cola, cover many vending machines with their color schemes and logos. If that wasn’t enough, vending machines are almost always stocked with beverages and chips.

In contrast, healthy foods consist of a mix of greens and meats: things that are rare in vending machines. Issues concerning how these fresh and healthy foods would be stored in vending machines further reinforces the divide. Healthy food and vending machines rarely, if ever, meet.

But things are changing. Moreover, healthy foods aren’t necessarily an edible mix of fresh greens and meats. Smoothies, for instance, can be very healthy and are even used by bodybuilders to meet their nutritional requirements. They’re also commonly found in vending machines, so perhaps healthy vending snacks are a thing. Here’s a more detailed discussion about this.

What is a Healthy Vending Snack?

At the outset, you should know that you can’t hold a healthy vending snack to the same standards as other healthy foods. Healthy food is normally fresh food. In comparison, foods in vending machines are meant to last weeks (if not months) without spoiling, so they have more preservatives.

So, when we say a healthy vending snack, we’re talking about them relative to other vending snacks. In effect, a healthy vending snack can’t be absolutely healthy, but it can be relative to other snacks. For example, smoothies or eggs are much healthier than oily chips and sugar-filled candies.

Do They Exist?

The short answer is yes. However, there’s a longer story associated with why these snacks aren’t as commonplace. Many vending machine providers have seen that the demand for healthy snacks is outstripped by the demand for unhealthy foods. The greater quality often doesn’t translate to sales.

However, some vending service providers have managed to make these foods cost-effective. Additionally, demand for the food has begun to grow with more information regarding the importance of healthy diets.

We, at MeFit Vending, represent one such healthy vending machine service provider in San Jose. Our machines are stocked with healthy, eco-friendly foods, like eggs, smoothies, and salads. To learn more, get in touch with us.

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