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Are Healthy Vending Machine Snacks Really Healthy?

The rise in healthy eating has led to people shunning fast food options and looking for more nutrient-rich alternatives. This change has caused an increase in the popularity of healthy vending machines that sell healthy meals and fresh food products. Today, we’ll look at whether the food items and beverages in these healthy vending machines are really beneficial for the body or not.

What Is A Healthy Snack?

A nutritionist often gives the following advice to people wanting to start eating healthy – “pick up food items from the perimeter of a grocery store." The reason is that the grocery shop's outer edges are where the fresh foods are stored and stocked.

Fresh foods are healthier than processed items as they contain less fat, sugar, and sodium. They’re also generally have very low or no quantities of added preservatives. Preservatives are used to extend the shelf life of products and contain ingredients that are bad for physical health.

Hence, any definition of a healthy snack should include fewer preservatives and more natural vitamins and minerals that the body needs in order to function efficiently.

Do Healthy Vending Machines Contain Healthy Snacks?

Most traditional vending machines stock up on food and beverages, usually found in the center aisles of a grocery store or a supermarket. These snacks are often the most popular, easier to consume, cheap, and convenient. However, they are also the most unhealthy.

Vending machines are stocked to last for days, and the food they carry needs to be edible for a longer time. Hence, most of these food items contain large amounts of preservatives that are harmful to the human body.

Moreover, businesses used vending machines to promote fast eating in the past, so most machines would stock items that provided customers with a quick burst of energy. These items included heavily carbonated drinks such as sodas, colas, and more.

Nowadays, healthy vending machines have started shifting the trend from fast consumption to healthier eating. Healthy vending machines contain fresh food items which have no preservatives and are healthier for the body.

If you’re looking to install a fresh food vending machine in your office or school in San Jose, contact MeFit Vending. We promote healthy eating with our smart vending machines that are replenished regularly, so all items remain fresh.

We offer a variety of healthy snacks such as tacos, burritos, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, falafel bowls, bagels, and more. Contact us today to get a healthy vending machine for your workplace or academic institution in San Jose.

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