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All You Need To Know About Healthy Vending

The very first vending machine was installed in the U.S. in the late 1800s. The machine stored chewing gum and was installed to boost sales. However, we’ve come a long way since then, and there are way more options to choose from today; you can find a vending machine for just about anything!

Most vending machines stocked light snacks that consisted of high-calorie soft drinks and chips. Although convenient, these vending machines fell short of providing people with food that was nutritious and filling. That was until healthy vending started to pick up pace!

What Is Healthy Vending?

Long gone are the days when vending machines would only dispense chips and chocolates for a quick bite on the go. Due to the obesity epidemic in in the U.S., organic food retailers have teamed up with vending machine suppliers to provide people with quick yet healthy food!

Unlike traditional vending machines, healthy vending provides fulfilling lunch that’s made of fresh ingredients. The food products range from coffee, smoothies, and fresh juices to burritos and taco boxes. Many healthy vending machines also have customized salad making options to give consumers the option to choose a filling meal that’s catered to their tastes.

Rising Popularity

One of the most appealing aspects of refrigerated vending machines is how portable they are. No matter what kind of establishment you own, a vending machine nearby is beyond easy to install.

From schools to offices, everyone is always on the hunt for a quick bite to satisfy their cravings. However, the idea of healthy alternatives to junk food that are rapidly available has made healthy vending machines all the more desirable. The pandemic has also made people heavily prioritize their health, making affordable and clean diet options easier to justify in workspaces and public places.

At MeFit Vending, we cater to this rising need for healthy and easy-to-use vending machines by offering our services all around the San Jose area. You can now install our healthy vending machines in your establishment and provide visitors with the option to avail organic food at affordable prices. We’ve also optimized our vending machines to be COVID safe.

Contact us today if you want to avail our sixty-day free trial before committing to our healthy vending services.

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