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4 Different Types of Vending Machines

Vending machines provide the ease and flexibility to consume on-the-go food products and beverages. With increased advancement, they now offer different payment options too. But with several types of vending machines available in the market, it becomes overwhelming for businesses to choose the ideal vending machine to suit their needs.

But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are four different types of vending machines and their uses.

Junk Food Vending Machines – The Typical Type

Junk food vending machines are stocked with chips, snacks, soda drinks, and candy bars. These are commonly available in hotels, offices, universities, and other public spaces.

However, these vending machines gradually lose their traction as public preferences shift toward wholesome and nutritious on-the-go food choices. While junk food vending machines can be a good option for on-the-go food choices, they aren't long-lasting as the public will sooner or later opt for healthier snack choices.

Therefore, if you want to sustain your business in the long run, consider installing MeFit’s healthy vending machines in your facilities.

Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy vending machines are getting increasingly popular nowadays due to their wholesome and more nutritious array of snacks and beverages. These vending machines stock products that are lower in calories, fats, and sugar content. Not only are the products appetizing, but they help people maintain their weight and fitness on the go.

At MeFit Vending, we offer eco-friendly and fresh products vending machines to schools and businesses based in San Jose. We also re-stock your vending machines regularly without additional charges.

Wellness Vending Machines

Wellness vending machines gained wider popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic. These vending machines provide over-the-counter medicines and drugs on the go. They also offer some other personal hygiene, well-being, and sanitation products at premium prices.

Getting sanitizers, face masks, and other disinfectant products on time is the specialty of these machines that people benefit from during these uncertain times.

Perishable Vending Machines

Perishable vending machines offer healthier, more nutritious perishable meals to people than other fast-food options. Since people’s preferences have now shifted to consuming wholesome, healthy food, MeFit Vending has introduced some perishable vending machines to facilitate people’s health goals.

We offer salad vending machines that come with customizable trays to fit into any person’s dietary needs. We also provide sandwich and noodles vending machines that are a complete package of healthy food on the go.

Our eggs vending machines are also popular for their stable temperature monitoring that helps maintain the freshness of eggs. Thus, people can enjoy healthier food alternatives with ease and satisfaction.

Why MeFit Vending?

At MeFit Vending, we’re committed to providing healthy vending machines in San Francisco and San Jose facilities. You can choose to place our healthy vending machines besides your junk food and beverage vending machines to increase the food choices. Or you can also replace your snack vending machines with our nutritious and wholesome on-the-go meals.

Our food vending machines are smart vending machines that accept card payments. If you want us to visit your facility, contact us online! We provide a free trial for 60 days.

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