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4 Beverages to Stock in Healthy Vending Machines

In the past, vending machines would be stocked with sodas and other carbonated and sugary drinks that quickly boost energy. However, the trend of healthy eating has influenced the consumption of beverages, and people are now moving away from caffeinated and high-sugar drinks and opting for healthier options.

Let’s discuss a few beverages that should be present in healthy vending machines.

Iced Tea

Iced tea is the perfect beverage on hot summer days. It’s cool and refreshing and contains less caffeine than coffee. It’s great for hydrating purposes and prevents cavities in teeth.

Iced tea is also a healthier option as it boosts our metabolism, resulting in better heart health and prevents cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke and clogged vessels.

Considering all these advantages of drinking iced tea, it's evident that they're an excellent and healthy beverage that should be stocked in vending machines. However, be careful not to opt for sweetened versions of iced tea as they’re likely to have added sugars.

Lemon Water

Lemon water is rich in vitamin C and helps with weight loss. It’s a very healthy drink that is good for keeping our bodies hydrated and aids better digestion.

The benefits of lemon water include having fresher breath and clearer skin as the anti-oxidants in lemon work to reduce skin inflammation from conditions such as acne and eczema.

Drinking a small bottle of lemon water daily with our meals will lead us to a healthier and stronger body.

Bottled Water

Our bodies need water in adequate quantities daily. Drinking a healthy amount of water every day helps lubricate joints and control blood pressure. Water is necessary to prevent dehydration and regulate the body's temperature so that you don’t become too overheated.

Water is also beneficial for the skin and results in a smoother and softer skin surface. Having bottled water in vending machines would provide customers with the opportunity to drink healthy beverages instead of opting for sodas and other not-so-healthy drinks.


Lastly, smoothies should be stocked in healthy vending machines as they’re full of vital nutrients and minerals that aid the body in becoming stronger and more active. Smoothies are packed with flavor, and they satisfy cravings so that people don’t turn to unhealthy snacking in the middle of the day.

Having smoothies in healthy vending machines would provide customers a power-packed option to start healthy and be productive and efficient throughout their day.

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